Monday, April 22, 2013

Fab Five Faves

Thanks to everyone who left their nice comments on the last post!  We love hearing from you!

Since Fridays seem to have been taken over by finished projects, I thought I'd turn my "Fab Five Fridays" into just plain old "Fab Five Faves" and share a few of the favorite things I've found with you today ... on a Monday!

#1:  Tiramisu Gelato ... Oh my word!  I have a weakness for Tiramisu and since it's not a typical dessert at restaurants it was always a treat when I'd be able to get it, but now I have the opportunity to avoid temptation every night of the week with this tiramisu gelato.  Sometimes I'm able to stay strong and sometimes I'm doing extra time on my workout the next day ;)  You can find this at Target, it's by their Archer Farms product line and they have other amazing flavors as well!

#2: Baby Lock Symphony ...  Definitely click on the link to see pics and find out info on this amazing machine ... I can't even begin to tell you how in love with this machine we are!  Last weekend, we went to an open sew day at a local quilt shop who is a Baby Lock dealer and we asked if we could use this machine while we were there.  Basically, to give it a test drive.  We didn't want to go back to our old machine!  My list of things I love about this machine could go on and on, but to just give you a few ... it has an alert when your bobbin is low (you know, so you don't keep sewing and sewing just to find out you had no bobbin about 20 pieces ago ... like we did last night!); you don't have to sew with your foot if you don't want to, you can just hit a button; and there are little scissors so when you're done with a strip, you can just hit the scissors button and it cuts the thread for you!  Seriously, we became so spoiled using this machine, it's definitely at the top of our "to buy" list!  Does anyone else own a Baby Lock?  What do you think of your machine?

#3: CND Spamanicure Almond Hydrating Lotion ...  Love this lotion and I keep it in my Longarm room.  It doesn't leave a sticky residue and really helps hydrate my dry hands.  I always get the large bottle, you can find it here in our Amazon store.

#4: Rock Your Hair products ...  I keep super inexpensive shampoo that I use throughout the week and then mix it up with a higher end product every few days.  My go to "higher end" hair products are these products by Michael O'Rourke.  They help make my hair fuller and I love the scent!

#5:  Favorite quote ... Last week as I was going through my personal Facebook page, I stumbled upon this quote from Guideposts and it just struck me.  I have since printed the quote and hope to frame it.  How often I forget this?  Do you have the same problem?  Hopefully, keeping it in front of me will remind me what's really important in life!
Happy Earth Day!


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  1. I have the Baby Lock Elizabeth. I have had it almost one year. I love it. It has the cutting feature and I do not have to use the foot peddle if I do not want to but I am in my 50's and have always used one, so that is how I go. Besides my old Singer and a White Quilters Star that I bought at Joann's this is the first machine I have spent a bit of money on and I know why now.


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