Thursday, June 28, 2012

England! Part 2

Yesterday I talked about my stay in England and about how the first weekend I toured Cambridge's city center.  Today I am going to talk about my second weekend when I visited and toured London.  Again, I was very fortunate because my advisor at Wright State has a dear friend who lives in a suburb of London and she arranged for me to spend the weekend with her.  Her name was Hilary and she was absolutely amazing! She drove up to Cambridge (about an hour and a half drive) to pick me up and drop me off!!  She was so gracious with her time and I will always remember her hospitality!  With her I had my first taste of fish and chips ... delicious(!) and English peas which are not like our peas.  They are mushed and amazingly good! Who would have guessed?  On Saturday we rode the train into London where we boarded the big red bus and I got to see all the highlights of London.  Not a lot of words, just a lot of pictures ... enjoy!

Trafalgar Square

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben & The House of Parliament

We also took a boat ride on the River Thames where I was able to see Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Tower Bridge straight on.

But the highlight of the day for me was Buckingham Palace.  It was so, so beautiful and St. James's Park was just gorgeous!  
The gates entering The Mall - the road leading up to Buckingham Palace.  If the center gate is open that means the Queen is passing through, that is the only time the gate is ever open.

Prince Charles's palace

The Royal Horse Guards - they actually were passing as we walked up to Buckingham Palace!

The guard outside Buckingham Palace

The statue outside Buckingham Palace that Queen Victoria had built.

Buckingham Palace

St. James's Park


I could have spent days in London alone and am looking forward to the day I can go back and visit!


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