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My name is Megan Ziegler and I have been quilting since college.  My mom always quilted while I was growing up, but it took me a little bit longer to get addicted!  While finishing my master's degree, I began drawing patterns and since graduating have decided this is the perfect time to try my hand at starting a design business full time.  I am fortunate to have two very supportive parents and am looking forward to this new adventure!  I have just recently taken up running to keep myself in shape and enjoy biking and kayaking (only when I can, since I don't own a kayak ... yet!).  I also enjoy researching our family history and spending time with family and friends.

My mom retired from a 35 year career in education in 2008 and is of great help to me with piecing and testing my patterns.  She enjoys reading, quilting, exercising, politics and knitting in her free time.

I would also like to introduce you to our extra help at Cherry Valley Design Studio ... they are an integral part of our family and definitely keep us on our toes!

Zoe ~ Our 12 year old (!) Great Dane who has got the feistiness and liveness of a girl half her age ... if we all should be so lucky!

Sandy Sue ~ Our Golden Retriever who had knee surgery a few years ago but is now good to go ~ She is our social butterfly and loves to meet new people!

Reba Lynn Rose ~ Our Vizsla who is a total mama's girl and loves nothing more than to go on her daily runs with her mom.

Max ~ He's the total mama's boy ~ He's a 110 pound Boxer, but is pure love unless it's dinnertime and then nothing can stand in his way!

IzzieBella ~ She is Max's sister and while she often acts aloof she is totally in charge!
Mr. Brinkley-Cooper ~ The newest addition to our bunch and definitely the puppy of the group, he is totally full of himself and loves nothing more than to be in the great outdoors running like a wild man ... a loveable, handsome Vizsla!
Vinny ~ Our only cat who we rescued at 5 weeks old off the street ~ He loves to be on the sewing table and always has first dibs on checking out any new fabric arrivals!

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