Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life's A Charm: Lucky Shamrock Pillow

Hi Everybody and welcome to this month's installment of our "Life's a Charm" series!  This month's project is a little quirky ... we hope you like it!  It's a little shamrock pillow to celebrate one of our favorite holiday's, St. Patrick's Day.  My mom and I are Irish girls at heart and love the little flair this pillow adds to our house for this holiday.

The thing about this project is it really comes together quickly.  We chose this month to make our own mini charm pack (I promise next month we'll use a regular sized charm pack for our project!).  To do this is super easy, simply pull out scraps of fabric you want to use and cut out 42 - 2 1/2" squares.  We had a St. Patrick's themed fat quarter pack we chose to use.  We used 6 fabrics and cut 7 squares out of each fabric.  You can add more variety if you would like, though.

You will also need a background piece (which is the light green, cuddles fabric to the left in the picture above) that is approximately 15" by 20" and a bag of stuffing.  We used Poly fill from JoAnn's.

Arrange your mini charm squares into a rectangle 6 squares by 7 squares.  See picture below.

Next, sew your vertical rows together and press seams.  We pressed ours open.

Then sew your rows together so you have one big rectangle and again, press seams.

Using the design here you will want to cut out two pieces so you can make one complete shamrock. Trace a the shamrock pattern on the back side of your pieced top.  

You will want to pin your pillow top to your pillow backing right sides together and sew around on the line you have drawn, being sure to leave the base of the shamrock open (so you can stuff it!)

Cut a quarter inch seam around the outside of your pillow.

Flip inside out and stuff.  Finally whip stitch the base of the shamrock closed and enjoy!  Sandy certainly is :)

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