Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Perfect Time of Year for Quilting

You may think the perfect time of year for quilting is in the dead of winter when there's tons of snow lying on the ground and it's hard to drive anywhere.  I tend to think right now is the perfect time of year  during the dog days of summer.  I am definitely not a hot weather gal unless it involves being near water with a cold drink and a floatie.  But even then it's iffy!  So, while many save their favorite quilting time for the cold days ahead, I like to claim this time (when it feels like a sauna every time you walk out the door) as my favorite!

And quilting is exactly what I have been doing ... lots and lots of quilting!  Unfortunately, a lot of what I have been working on are my new patterns which will make their grand appearance in November (hint, hint), but I did have an exciting day yesterday (yes, involving quilts) which I can share with you!  Thanks to Camille for reminding us about the importance of sharing quilts we're working on just for the fun of it ... I'm going to try and be better about this!!!  (No promises, but definitely try.)

Yesterday I long arm quilted and had a blast!  I have done long arm quilting before, but yesterday was my first try using a Gammill and I must admit ... I am in love!  They are so well made and you can quilt from the front or back.  I have to take 4 pre-ownership classes at the store I'm working with, A Touch of Thread in Zanesville, Ohio, and then I can rent time.  One of my goals for my company has been to long arm quilt my quilts and I am now one step in the right direction for accomplishing that. 
I worked on this little beauty ... a Gammill Vision 18-8. Picture from gammill.net
I quilted a wall hanging ... check out the pictures below.  Now all that's left to do is put the binding on and hang it up!  The binding is all cut out and ready to be put on, so hopefully I will have a picture of this wall hanging finished, finished next week :) 

On other business related news, we got our registration number for the company from the Secretary of State so as of July 19, we are officially Cherry Valley Designs LLC!!! Woo hoo!

What quilting projects have you been working on just for you lately?  I would love to hear about them!



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