Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Week of Big Reveals, Day 2!

Welcome to Day 2 of The Week of Big Reveals!  Today's post will be featuring one of the new patterns (as will the rest of the week) with a few of what I call "glamor shots."  This pattern is called Rose's Palindrome and was inspired by a good friend of mine and former boss (eeks!).  She was the director (and founder, no less) of my local university's math tutoring center that I worked at for over 5 years.  She taught me many things and continues to do so today. 

Her favorite numbers are palindromes (e.g. 11, 121, 575 ... you get the idea) and palindromes are what inspired this quilt which measures 67" by 76" (a palindrome, of course!).  The quilt is symmetrical both vertically and horizontally because each row is based on a palindrome which creates an overall tranquil feeling and uses our Piece-N-Go method to make the quilt easy-peasy to put together!

I was fortunate to take pictures of it out at my Godfather's house where he has a beautiful pond (thanks Joan and Mike!) and trees serving as the perfect backdrop.  The fabrics used in this quilt are a variety of Buggy Barn fabrics.  I have been told by everyone who has seen this quilt that it would make the perfect scrap quilt, and it would!  What a great idea!

Here's a close of the quilting I did on this quilt.  I did an overall swirl with stars occasionally to pick up on the many stars found in the fabric of this quilt. 

This is another color option if you like batiks, and is the quilt I made for Rose herself (Rose, if you're reading this please stop here ... you will see it on Thursday at lunch!).

I just love the reflection you see in the pond.  The weather held just right for the day I took this shot.

Here's another one showing the batik quilt in its entirety.

Remember, you can find this pattern along with the patterns from yesterday here.

Until tomorrow!


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