Monday, November 5, 2012

The Week of Big Reveals, Day 1!

Hi Everybody!  I am so excited to be here today on day one of revealing the patterns we have been working hard on the past few months.  Today, I'm going to unveil our three holiday themed patterns. You may also notice that the blog has a new look to be a bit more cohesive with our brand spanking new website.  You can visit our new website at or click on our button to the right which says "Our Shop!"  We worked with Like Sew Websites and are really pleased with and proud of the outcome! We hope you will enjoy visiting often!  You will have to check back as we will be updating and adding information frequently.

First pattern up: "The Tree Farm."  Remember those days when you go to the tree farm during the holiday season in search of the "perfect" tree?  Well, this fun and easy-to-put-together table runner will remind you of that memory every day that you have it out!  You can use Christmas themed fabric for a more festive look or winter fabric to last you all through the cold months of December, January and February.  Get ready for picture overload!


Second pattern up: "Flashy, Dazzle, and Sparkle."  I have to admit I absolutely love these pillows!  You may remember my slight obsession with pillows and these are so wonderful to snuggle up with and will provide great and easy decorating for any sofa or bed during the holiday season.  The directions have been written so you can choose to make one pillow or all three whatever you have time for.  The shams are 24 inches and create a very full look when stuffed with a Euro pillow.  (I found great deals on my Euro pillows at Target.)

Third pattern up: "Holly Jolly."  This pattern uses a jelly roll and with bold applique, it comes together quickly so you could have it put together in a jif!  There's a touch of ric rac giving it a fun, eye-catching look.  The fabric used was Holly Taylor's Christmas Spirit and my final surprise announcement is that I will be teaching a class on this pattern in November!!!  You can learn more by visiting my site here or contacting A Touch of Thread.

Finally, don't forget about my class on " Holly Jolly."  If you live in the Central Ohio or Zanesville area definitely check this out!  It's going to be a fun time and by the end of the second class you should have a quilt top ready to be bound and quilted!

Make sure to check back tomorrow for more exciting pattern announcements!


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  1. Such great designs!! My favorite is "The Tree Farm"! Very creative :)


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