Tuesday, February 1, 2011

nICE day

February 1, 2011

It started as a watch yesterday morning, and then was upgraded to a warning last night. Just like they called it, it came - ICE! So this morning I woke up at my normal time to find out we were on a delay until 10am. Then I woke up so I could be at work by 10 and found out they had closed campus for the day. SO I went back to sleep! Ahhh, so nICE ... but not so nICE outside. When I finally woke up I decided to spend the rest of the morning blog surfing. It was so fun to find new blogs and be totally inspired! Here's what I found (in no particular order), and what I'll be adding to my "Blogs I Follow" on the left so I can keep being inspired:

I hope you all find as much inspiration from these packed-full-of-ideas blogs as I did! Stay warm & safe if you're living in an ice covered place ... BRRRR!

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